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How do Citizens Perceive Circularity of Building Products: a case study in the Basque Country

This June the international journal Building and Environment has published conclusions of the research led by Ihobe, TECNALIA and the University of the Basque Country – UPV/EHU in the framework of the Iceberg Project. The article authored by Ihobe, TECNALIA...

Viuda de Sainz receives Lurra Bizkaia Saria award in the Climate Change category for its “Harri Green” project to treat and reuse CDW

These awards recognise best practice in the field of sustainability. On 17 June, Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao Bizkaia gave out its Lurra Bizkaia Sariak 2024 awards, which recognise individuals, entities and companies whose outstanding work has a positive impact on...

ICEBERG is presented in CONSTRUIBLE, a Spanish construction sector magazine

The digital solutions, recycling technologies and new circular building products are mentioned in a 3-pages article, hightlighting some of the main results at the end of the project. CONSTRUIBLE is the leading online media outlet for Sustainable Construction in Spain....

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) presents a catalogue compiling around 100 cutting-edge technologies

As part of the ICEBERG project, a structural ceramic material has been sustainably obtained from demolition waste. In order to mark World Intellectual Property Day, which is held every year on 26 April, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which is a member...

Hyperspectral imaging to sort construction & demolition waste

The European ICEBERG project has ended on a high note with the demonstration of the viability of hyperspectral imaging to perform complex operations to automatically sort construction and demolition waste. The European ICEBERG project – in which the GAIKER Technology...

Training and awareness day in Bilbao (Basque Country)

Ihobe – one of the members of the consortium – has organised this morning in Bilbao a pilot activity associated with the ICEBERG project on the instruments relating to the correct management of CDW (Construction and Demolition Waste). Students from training centers...
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The project

Based on volume, Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) is the largest waste stream in the EU. Proper management of CDW and recycled materials can have major benefits in terms of sustainability and the quality of life. It also can provide major benefits for the EU construction and recycling industry, as it boosts demand for recycled building materials.

This project aims to develop and demonstrate novel cost-effective circular smart solutions for an upgraded recovery of secondary building raw materials along the entire circular value chain: from end-of-life building materials (EBM) to new building products prepared for circularity, resource-efficiency and containing 30wt% to 100wt% of high-purity (>92%) recycled content. This will be undertaken through 6 pilot circular case studies, covering building materials accounting for more than 85% by weight of the European built environment. ICEBERG will also contribute to raising building circularity awareness among the stakeholder communities (local authorities, professionals, students and final building users).

ICEBERG will to make significant advances in the uptake of the circular economy in the building industry through the development of innovative circular reverse logistics’ tools and high-value secondary raw materials production technologies to establish market confidence and acceptability of recycled End-of-Life building materials.

A circular approach across the entire value chain with 3 Innovation keys


Sensors, artificial intelligence and blockchain to ensure greater information capture, process optimization and traceability to guarantee greater confidence in terms of quality throughout the value chain of resources and products for building.


Advanced technologies for the classification and purification of resources from the end of life of construction products.


Eco-design of new products and systems for building to incorporate the new criteria of circularity in the industrial manufacturing processes of the target products.

Case studies

ICEBERG solutions will be demonstrated (at TRL7) through 6 case studies across different locations in Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain/France and Turkey) representing common European building typologies (residential and non-residential), execution practices and multiple building materials accounting for more than 85% of the European built environment.

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