Case Studies

ICEBERG solutions will be demonstrated (at TRL7) through 6 case studies across different locations in Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain/France and Turkey) representing common European building typologies (residential and non-residential), execution practices and multiple building materials accounting for more than 85% of the European built environment.

Each case study will follow a novel common circular procedure encompassing the following shared elements :

  1. Perform pre-demolition audit on chosen buildings.
  2. Execution of selective refurbishment/demolition.
  3. Waste processing: industrial application of new sorting and processing technologies.
  4. Resource-efficient optimization and production of new circular building products.
  5. Installation and use in representative building spaces.
  6. Demonstration of the new digital building materials traceability service.
  7. Simulation of easy-disassembly of the new building products in mock-ups
  8. Assessment of materials, energy and water consumption over the circular chain.

Circular Concrete


Circular carbonated blocks


Circular plasterboards


Circular Cement based-products


Circular wood-based Products


Circular ceramic, silica aerogel and PU based products