The ICEBERG project has taken another step in the communication and dissemination of its objectives and progress, and all the information is now available on the RMIS (Raw Materials Information System) platform run by the European Commission. It is the reference web-based knowledge platform on non-fuel or non-agricultural raw materials from primary and secondary sources, a scientific tool and an essential place to discover technological and scientific breakthroughs, current legislation, projects and actors working in the field of raw materials in Europe. 

The information system provides a structured information repository on raw materials. Its overall objective is to help increase the competitiveness and raise visibility of the EU raw materials sector, whilst fostering green and sustainable growth. The information is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders in the European raw materials sector. 

The ICEBERG Project can be found on the link below, following this route:

RAW MATERIALS KNOWLEDGE GATEWAY -> European level -> EU funded project

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