The study led by Loughborough University, ENVA and British Gypsum is one of the papers selected for the International Congress on BERSTIC

On 18 April, a team led by researchers from Loughborough University, ENVA and British Gypsum – ICEBERG partners – will be at the III International Congress on BERSTIC (Biorefineries and Renewable Energies Supported in ICT). They will present online the results obtained in the studies being conducted into advanced technologies for purification and processing of both waste and synthetic gypsum.

The International Congress on Biorefineries and Renewable Energies Supported by ICT is being held in March and April, with a strong academic component on its virtual platform. BERSTIC is an event organised by the Cooperative University of Colombia (UCC) in conjunction with the European Union’s COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) network and the Royal Academy of Engineering of the United Kingdom. The event brings together researchers, industry and policy makers to discuss topics such as renewable energies or Industry 4.0 for the energy, water, air and biorefinery sectors.  

The objective of the ICEBERG project is to design, develop and validate innovative recycling systems and technologies to make it possible to produce high-value recovered materials with a low level of impurities (less than 8%) and are safe. Validation will be carried out on an industrial scale by means of six case studies in different locations in Europe, covering the circularity of concrete, ceramics, wood, plaster, insulating foams and super-insulating materials. It also seeks to improve the reliability and acceptability of recycled materials from construction waste. 

More information on the congress:

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