There will be three training session on 31 May, and 1 and 2 June, via Zoom

The Basque Government’s Public Society of Environmental Management – Ihobe, which leads the communication, scientific dissemination and awareness-raising activities of the ICEBERG project, has organised training sessions on selective demolition and waste separation in construction sites.This digital forum aimed at professionals in the sector and agents involved in the generation and management of demolition waste will be held via Zoom on 31 May, and 1 and 2 June, from 15:30 to 18:00. 

Selective demolition and waste separation at source are the essential condition to make possible the circular economy in the construction sector. The aim of these sessions is to raise awareness and improve the knowledge and/or training of the different agents involved in the generation and management of demolition waste in order to better implement deconstruction in the Basque Country and for the urgent widespread practice of waste separation at source. For this purpose, there will be a review of the best practices in selective demolition, on-site classification and construction and demolition waste (CDW) processing.

The inaugural session on 31 May will be opened by José María Fernández, Director of Circular Economy at Ihobe. That day’s main presentations will be by David García (TECNALIA), director of the ICEBERG project, who will divide his intervention into two topics. On the one hand, the legal, environmental, social and economic motivations for deconstruction. On the other, he will talk about the Waste Management Study (WMS), carried out by the developer (waste producer); the WMP-Waste Management Plan, the responsibility of the contractor (owner of the waste); and about the FMR-Final Management Report, also carried out by the developer, and the pre-demolition audit.

“Selective demolition and waste separation at source are the essential condition for a circular construction”

The next session will focus on the work by Lezama Demoliciones –a partner at ICEBERG–, specifically on the procedures to carry out selective demolition. Within the framework of the ICEBERG project, Lezama Demoliciones will participate by contributing their experience and knowledge, collaborating in the development of tools to support reverse logistics and validating all the solutions in a local case study.

The final session will include interventions by several experts from TECNALIA and Lezama Demoliciones, and will focus on several innovative experiences, exemplary practical cases, the EEH-Aurrezten tool will be presented and the sector’s perspectives and future will be analysed. All of the sessions will include time for dialogue, sharing ideas and asking questions.  

The event will be held via Zoom in Spanish. Registration is free of charge on the Ihobe website. For more information and registration: Ihobe

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