Over the last few months, Danai Mangana, Research Assistant at CML, has contributed to the ICEBERG Project by carrying out an integrated LCA/LCC of the CCS1 concrete case study.  

On 29 August, Danai Mangana (TU Delft) defended her MSc thesis entitled “The future of concrete recycling – An integrated life cycle environmental and cost analysis on the hotspots to improve the demolition and recycling practices across Europe”.

Danai Mangana has explored the different performance levels of building demolition and concrete recycling in Europe and identified the improvement points for each level in future concrete recycling. In her research, different types of pre-demolition audits and demolition and waste processing methods for end-of-life concrete are compared across the EU.

Based on ICEBERG circular concrete case study data, an integrated life-cycle assessment (LCA) and life-cycle costing (LCC) study is carried out for the most representative concrete recycling practices in the EU.

The results showcase the pivotal roles of building information modelling-supported pre-demolition audits in combination with selective demolition and automated quality assurance of recycled aggregates in future concrete recycling.

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